Sunday, January 10, 2016

[Quest Mod] The Dead Deed / ザ・デッド・ディード

I was looking for some dungeon/quest mods on the Nexus, and came across an interesting one, and that one is The Dead Deed.

It's a horror-themed quest mod.  I'm not a fan of horror in general, but this one looked to be interesting enough to download and install.


No Posts for a While...?

I didn't think it had been this long since I had posted.

Anyway, I'll try to do some more stuff.

Some of the links on the right need to be pruned as well.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fizz Candy (CHSBHC or SeveNBase)

Pink lingerie, frills, etc.

Pinkcha wear this all the time.

Download from Eihei Spot.

Teacher (UNPB or 7BO)

Like teachers?

You will after putting this mod on a character.

Comes in a shirt version that is bursting at the seems (literally), or one that has burst at the seams.

Add some glasses, pantyhose and heels (from different mods), and you're set!

Download at Eihei Spot.

Sinblood's Lethal Majesty (UNP)

Sinblood's Lethal Majesty Outfit.

Apparently this is a conversion from an Oblivion mod (I've never played Oblivion).

A rather tight, corset-looking outfit.  Can be used with a cape ("long skirt") or not.

Download at Halo's Mods.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

College Gal (UNPB)

A nice college gal outfit.

Similar (almost to a T) of the Young Trap set you may have encountered.

Download from Ghost in the Skyrim.

Kingdom Hearts - Keyblade Collection (Plus Extras)

Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts.  I've used them through half the game.

It has many different keyblades from the game series, and also has Goofy's shields.

Download from Steam.